CISC Biggest Event

CISC 35th Year Anniversary is coming in May! Come and celebrate it with us on our Cultural Night Event!
Let's dance goyang dangdut with Poppy Kelly and Agus Muharam!

Ticket purchased prior to May 5th: Member=$5, Non-member=$10
Ticket purchased at the doors: Member=$7, Non-member=$15

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Consular Service
at Cultural Night

KJRI will have consular services called Warung Konsular to do passport renewal and all kind of applications at our Cultural Night Event on May 5th. Their desks will open early at around 4pm

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Cultural Night
Popular Indonesian Cuisines will be provided by our food vendors at our Cultural Night Event [2018-04-13]

The above pictures are for illustration only. Dishes at the event may look different than those on the pictures.

Consular Service / Warung Konsular [2018-04-11]

KJRI will have consular services called Warung Konsular to do passport renewal and all kind of applications at our Cultural Night Event on May 5th. Their desks will open early at around 4pm

Indonesian Cuisine
at Cultural Night

Hello Foodies, you'll love our cultural event this year!
We are having many different Indonesian cuisine you can enjoy during the event.
Our food vendors will provide: martabak telor, martabak manis, nasi uduk ayam/bebek goreng, nasi padang, cendol, konro, sate, nasi gudeg, siomay, rempeyek, bakwan, tahu isi, lemper, putu mayang, nasi kari kambing, kroket, lumpia, pastel, kue lapis, lontong kikil, iga bakar, konro, tape, es buah, urap ayam bakar, pempek, and iga bakar


PestaPaint & Bingo, Tax Clinic, Easter Party & Warung Sabtu events were great!
Due to bad road conditions, Johnston Canyon Hike Event was canceled, but we went to Shagganapi Golf Course and have a lot of fun and exercise on snowshoeing activities there. Take a look on our past event photo page!
Thank you all to make those events successful!

Shaganappi Golf Course Snowshoeing
Happy faces at the Easter and Warung Sabtu Event
PestaPaint & Bingo Event: painting show off

We build closer cooperation among members and the general public

We're also introducing Indonesian culture through events all members will enjoy.


Meet New Friends

We are welcoming new members, including newcomers to Canada.

Join the Community

We work with other associations in organizing events. We are building our community!

Enjoy the Activities

You can enjoy a lot of fun events including various recreational sporting activities.

  • Canadian Indonesian Social Club will host a series of wonderful events this year. Mark your calendar! You don't want to miss out the following wonderful events at our beloved club.

    • June 9th - Father’s Day Auto Rally
    • July 14th - Stampede Breakfast
    • August 18th - Indonesian Independence/Family day
    • October 27th - Halloween
    • December 8th - Children Christmas
  • We host events and working with other associations in organizing events. Here are some activities that we did in the past:

    • Free Easter Party (April)
    • Free Stampede Breakfast & Activities (July)
    • Indonesian Day potluck picnic (August)
    • Free dinner at our yearly AGM (December)
    • Discounted rates for sporting events, some include memberships
    • Monthly Warung Sabtu (Saturday Food Fair) Gathering
    • Attendance to Pasar Malam (Night Market)
    • Opportunity to learn and take part in Indonesian dance
    • Access to CISC Facebook Group and CISC webpage
    • Community Information
    • Use our facebook page to promote members own business
    • Being part of other Community events
    • Volunteering opportunities
    • Meeting & making new friends
    • Experiencing the taste of Indonesian food and culture
    Find out more about our past events Here.
  • Position Name Email*
    President Julia Sugityo President @ cisc . org
    Vice President Alam Sjahmanul VicePresident @ cisc . org
    Treasurer Cindy Halim Treasurer @ cisc . org
    Secretary Arman Sunaryo Secretary @ cisc . org
    Member Welfare Arys Wijaya MemberWelfare @ cisc . org
    Cultural Director Vacant Cultural @ cisc . org
    Funding Director Swani Sidharta
    Membership Director Anita Indahyani Membership @ cisc . org
    Communication Director Hendro NugrohoCommunication @ cisc . org
    Social Director Femmy R Aritonang Social @ cisc . org
    Sport Director Debbie Chou Sports @ cisc . org
    Trustee Wendy Huang Trustee @ cisc . org

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"Canadian Indonesian Social Club is a wonderful community to join. You won't be disappointed."

Julia Sugityo - The President

Who We Are

Who are our members?
Our members consist primarily of self-employed and professionals working in all sectors of the Canadian economy. Our members work for multinationals, government-linked companies, small and medium enterprises, in the banking, finance, information technology, and engineering fields. In fact you can now find our members in any kind of business here and some of our members are now retired. Most of our members are here in Calgay and Southern Alberta but also can be found in other cities in Canada and around the world

What is our history?
The Canadian Indonesian Social Club were founded by Canadians of Dutch and Indonesian decent living in Calgary and became a formally registered non-profit association in Canada on February 28, 1983. These 10 men and women helped local Calgarians understand more about the Indonesian culture and enjoy fun times together. Currently, a team of 12 volunteers manages the organization. In short, we have fun and end up creating friendships along the way. Read More